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Useful info when traveling to SA


Please read through our useful information page so you know what to expect when travelling to South Africa for your Safari. We hope that the information provided will make your travels more enjoyable.

Importation of firearms


Section 73 of the South African Firearms Control Act , 2000 (Act No 60/2000) determine that no person may import into or take in-transit through South Africa any firearms or ammunition without a temporary import or in-transit permit issued in terms of the said Act



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South Africa’s summers range between mid-October and mid-February and the winters are usually between May and July. Our autumns range between mid-February to April and spring ranges between August and mid-October. Limpopo summers are hot with temperatures that vary between 34 and 40 degrees Celsius. The winter seasons are comfortably cool during the early mornings and evenings and warm during the day. The winter temperatures vary between 22 and 32 degrees Celsius.

The nature is very beautiful but can be relatively dry during some parts of the year. During the summer the sun rises at 05:15 and sets around 18:50. In the winter months the sun rises at 07:10 and sets at 17:45.

  • Jeans;

  • Khaki pants;                           

  • Summer skirts for the ladies;

  • Polo shirts or T-shirts;

  • Walking shoes;

  • Sandals;

  • Hiking boots;       

  • Hats;

What to pack
  • Bathing suits;                                  

  • Shorts;                                            

  • Summer shirts;                               

  • Cameras;                                        

  • Binoculars;                                      

  • Sunscreen;                                 

  • Sunglasses;                                          

  • Flash lights                                      

  • Sweaters for those occasional cooler days or nights



We have rifles available at Great Letaba Safaris to hire during your stay, alternatively you can bring your own Rifles. Up to two rifles of different calibers is allowed into South Africa on a Temporary Permit. Suitable calibres for plains game include but are not limited to: .30-06; .308; .300WM; .300WSM; .270; .270WSM; 7mm-08; 7mm Rem Mag and other .300 and 7mm Magnums.Semi Automatic rifles are not permitted in RSA.



We also have our own supply of ammunition available upon request.

Bringing your own, you will normally be limited to a maximum of five kilos of ammunition by the airline. The ammunition, which should be in the manufacturers or similar packaging, is to be placed separately in a lockable case and checked in as hold baggage. It can be placed in your main checked in suitcase or bag, though certain Internal Airport security companies insist it is loaded as a separate checked item. The RSA Police limit you to a maximum of two hundred rounds per calibre. Many hunters use an MTM type rigid plastic ammo box and find that fifty rounds is more than enough (with plenty left over in case you have to re zero for any reason). Good bullet choices for most Limpopo plains game include Barnes X, Nosler Partition, Hornady SST or any other proprietary bonded or core locked bullet. The animals in Africa tend to have thicker skin and more robust constitutions than European and USA deer species. This demands a bullet designed to hold together and penetrate deeper before expansion. Ballistic Tip bullets are not suitable for plains game.


All Meals are included in daily rates.


Please inform us about any special dietary requirements you may have.

Our water supply is drinkable but we recommend our guests to use filtered / bottled water.





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